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Scallywagathon TBR

So… I might be crazy seeing as I am in one of the busiest times of the semester, but there’s this cool readathon happening…. And I’m gonna do it! (Or attempt it, at least).

It is called the Scallywagathon and you can hear all about it in Ali’s video at her channel Hardback Hoarder. It begins at midnight on November 5th and ends at 11:59 on November 11th. I’ll give a rundown on how this works. Basically, you are given a treasure map and have to choose your route for the treasure!

(This treasure map picture was stolen from @hardbackhoarder ‘s twitter page)

To begin you pick a challenge from 1-5. Then, you follow that colored route to the next number you want to go to and so on until you reach the TREASURE!

For example, I am starting with challenge number 2. I am following the red line to challenge number 7. Then, I will follow the grey line to detour B. My final challenge is number 9 and I am off to the TREASURE!

There are four challenges in all and they seem pretty open. (Which is good, considering all the homework and classes that I have.)

ScallyWagathon TBR

Challenge #2: Parley – Has a Villian You Wanna Meet


I picked Nimona by Noelle Stevenson for this one because I heard she is an awesome Villian. I’ve had this one from the library for a while. Since it’s a graphic novel, it should be a strong beginning into the challenge.

Challenge #7: Crow’s Nest – New Release You’ve Had Your Eye On


I am super excited about this one! I have an ARC of it (received in a trade), but since it’s already out I might try to get a copy from the library.

Route B: But Why is the Rum Gone? – Part Of A Series You Want To Finish

Fables 1001 Nights Of Snowfall

I am following the Fables reading order listed here and this is my next one. Plus it’s on my phone (Borrowed with the Hoopla app), so I can easily read it anywhere. (Big plus for a busy college student.)

Challenge #9: Clear The Deck – From Your Owned TBR

Question Mark

This book is going to be a surprise for you and me both! I have SO MANY to choose from, but I don’t know how much time I’ll have to read it.


So there you have it! My TBR for the Scallywagathon. I kept it short and simple so that I hopefully can complete it. I think I can, but wish me luck. Let me know if you are participating as well! I would love to see other Scallywagathon TBR’s.




Have you ever hated a movie that was based on a book you had read?

Have you ever loved it?

I’ll will be sharing a series of posts that each showcase one book turned movie that I loved and one that I hated.

Today’s favorite movie is….

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (And I mean all of the Hunger Games movies.)


I really enjoyed the books, so I was nervous and excited about the movies at first. I ended up loving them. I still watch each one whenever it comes on. Yes, some great book moments were missing in the movie from the book, but it was still so great.

Are you team Peeta or Gale? The books had me team Gale. The movies had me team Peeta. I don’t even know.

Today’s worst movie is….

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Inkheart Movie Cover

UGHHHHH. THIS WAS A MESS. I loved this book. Like top 5 of all time favorites loved. AND THIS IS THE MOVIE THEY GAVE ME!? At first I was thrilled for it because the casting was great, then I watched it… I thought it started great but so much had been changed and I didn’t like the changes at all. This is my most disappointing book to movie of all time.


What about you guys? Do you agree/disagree with my choices? What are some that you love or hate?


BOOK MAIL!! From 9/18/2017

Today I came home to a lovely surprise… BOOKS!


Look at all those packages!

Are you ready to see what I got? LET’S GO!

First, I’ll start with my finds from PaperbackSwap !

(If you don’t use PaperbackSwap then I definitely recommend it! And  if you do use it then here is my bookshelf. Feel free to friend me!!)


The first package reveals the first three books from The Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith!

The Awakening, The Struggle, and The Fury. 

I haven’t gotten into The Vampire Diaries world at all, but it’s on my list! (I’m always looking to enter a new fandom. I just finished Harry Potter… Yeah, I know, I was late to the game.. And I have just started Doctor Who with Game of Thrones next!)

I am so excited to start these. When I saw them posted on Paperback Swap I couldn’t pass them up!

The next package is another Paperback Swap find. Ready?


The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan!

I have been wanting this one for a while and I was so thrilled to see it show up on Paperback Swap!

This next package was ordered from Thrift Books.


Enclave by Ann Aguirre!

I finally purchased this book after eyeing it for a while. I hadn’t heard too much about it until I listened to Book Riots podcast SFF Yeah! But it just sounds so great and I just can’t wait to read it.

I ordered this next book off of an Ebay seller. I 100% bargain shop when looking for books, so I was thrilled to find this one at such a good price.


Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs!

I finished Hollow City earlier this year and I’ve been dying to finish the series since then. I know that many wouldn’t agree with me, but I really like the peculiar children books. It is such a nice feeling to have all three in hardcover on my shelf. Ahhhh.

Finally, OWLCRATE.

This is my first OwlCrate box and I LOVED IT! The theme was Mythical Creatures.




So many goodies!!! I love it all!

The book for this box (with an OwlCrate exclusive cover that is GORG!) is Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows! 

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to read this book. I mean it has dragon trafficking for goblins sake!

Okay, so that is my book mail book haul for today! Have you read any of these books?

If you are interested in signing up for an OwlCrate subscription then click here!

Till next time!


Disney’s Descendants Craze

Hello lovelies!

It has been some time since my last post, but I do plan on making these post more regular. Promise!

So, over the next few blog post I plan on telling you guys a little bit about me and things I’m interested in. Today is about DISNEY.


And not just Disney (I could talk forever about my love for Disney), but the DESCENDANTS. I am obsessed with the Descendants, A.K.A the Villain Kids of Maleficent (Mal), Snow Queen (Evie), Jafar (Jay), and Cruella (Carlos).  The story starts with the Villain Kids (VK) on their home island that they have been banished to along with their parents. Ben (Son of Belle and Beast, soon to be king) decides that they should all get the chance to live in Auradon  (Where all the good peeps live.) and become better people than their parents were. Thus evil plans, chaos, and wonderful cheesy musical numbers ensue.

Descendants Musical

Now don’t me wrong everything about it is super cheesy. But wonderfully cheesy. As an aspiring middle childhood educator, I love me some cheesiness.


I entered this  world with the movies. (There are 2 now.) I am assuming most people have learned about Descendants through the movies, but DON’T STOP THERE. Now there is a animated TV Show (I’ve only seen one episode. It looked adorable.), manga trilogy by Jason Muell, books by Melisa De La Cruz, coloring books and countless other things.


I just finished reading volume 2 of the manga trilogy, Descendants The Rotten to the Core Trilogy (Thanks to Netgalley for an arc of it in exchange for a honest review). It was great. Everything was kept pretty close to the movie, but some additional scenes were added in which made it worth the read. Plus, the art was fantastic. Click here for a link to the first book of the trilogy.

Rotten to the Core Trilogy Book 1

Melissa De La Cruz also has written books about Descendants. These lovelies are called The Isle of the Lost, Return to the Isle of the Lost, and Rise of the Isle of the Lost. Full disclaimer: I have only read the first book, but really enjoyed it. In the first book we get to see how the Villain Kids came to be the group that they are today. Perhaps the second two follow the movies..? I really don’t know, but I shall read and find out. Here is the link to The Isle of the Lost.

The Isle of the Lost

Here is also a link to one of the coloring books. (This is more for my benefit… Yeah, I know… I have a problem… I’M JUST A DEDICATED FAN WHO LIKES TO COLOR. OkAy?!)

Descendants 2 Coloring Book

TEACHER NOTE: These books are one of my classroom must-haves. Disney is a popular favorite among students and these books have uplifting stories about being yourself.


Let me know if you liked the Descendants. Have you read the books? Mangas? Watched the movies? Heard the songs? (Some are awfully catchy.)


Till next time!



Hello! I’m so glad you all found me here!

hello dearie 2

My name is Mackenzie Jones. I am a 20 year old college student working toward being a middle childhood educator and.. I talk a lot.

Here I will ramble on about books (mainly) with some T.V. Shows, Movies, DIY, etc. thrown in. Stay tuned to see my thoughts on all these topics, and some fun DIY’s.

Until next time!